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Why Jesus?

Redeemable provides a unique perspective about

why we should accept Jesus on the basis of

redemption and walk with him daily rather than

simply treating him as a ticket to heaven when we die.

If you seek to be healed and whole,

this book will invite you down that path.


Perfect Love: A Hero's Journey is a Biblical

study workbook following the 17 step hero's journey developed by Joseph Campbell to guide you through

the Christian walk, from accepting Christ in faith

through leading for him. This adventure follows alongside my raw, miraculous, personal testimony.


UPCOMING Books to watch for in 2021

We Need To Talk

The modern world desperately needs to come to the table for some challenging discussions about things like politics and religion. This book will be about equipping the average person with healthy communication skills and increasing emotional intelligence so we can have those hard talks.


This book will be a Biblical study into the gospel, pulling leadership lessons from the example set by the life of Jesus Christ. We will dig deeper, going beyond the fundamentals identified in the end of Perfect Love: A Hero's Journey while also providing modern application.

Sorry, Not Sorry: Christian Unapologetics

There is no reason to apologize for the truth of reality. It may be hard for some people to embrace, and I am sympathetic to that journey. There is just such substantial evidence from every angle for the existence of God and authenticity of the Bible. Not only will I be compiling some of the most compelling arguments, but I intend to provide points of my own that I have yet to see discussed.

If you would like to read one of these books but cannot afford a copy, please email me at to request a free pdf version. While I do greatly appreciate your financial support if you are able to purchase them as do the charities and non-profits I work with, God has deemed salvation to be a free gift. If I am called to write about it and invite you to walk with the Lord, I intend to honor the spirit of that grace.


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