When it first became clear that God was calling me to write, it was overwhelming. I knew I had an important message to share, but the technicalities in accomplishing that goal weighed me down!


I mean, do you know what versions of the Bible are copyrighted and what that means if you want to reference them? There's so much more to consider than you realize!

The truth is publishing can be hard to do right without help. Let me save you a big chunk of time.

There are three different paths you can follow, each with their own pros and cons:

1. Traditional Publishers

You can take your chances trying to get picked up by a traditional publisher, but it is incredibly difficult. It could take years, if you accomplish it at all. Many of these companies prefer to work with authors who have already established their own following, demonstrating they are a lower risk investment. While they will do some marketing for you, their contracts can be very suffocating. I've heard so many horror stories from fellow authors about losing the copyright to their own work, being underpaid, and so much more. You hand over way more time and control than I am comfortable giving away.

2. Hybrid Publishers

Hybrid publishers combine aspects of mainstream publishing with self-publishing. They charge you thousands of dollars to help you through the process of making your book available, but then the help stops. They don't market for you, nor do they teach you how to do it yourself. I have encountered so many authors who invest anywhere from $1,500-$15,000 to get this help, then turn around and only sell ten books. Real stories from real people - no exaggeration. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to throw money away like that, let alone for the message God put on my heart to go unheard after all that work.

3. Self-Publishing

The third option is self-publishing. In the modern world with all the technological advances we are blessed to enjoy, this is truly your best and most flexible option!

- Nobody but you owns your content.

- You can start/update/stop production at any time (no contracts).

- Print on demand means you don't have to invest in a ton of copies up front.

- You set your own pricing.

- Best seller lists and expanded distribution options are still available to you.

- Your book can still be picked up by a traditional publisher down the road, but you can share your message and earn money from it in the meantime.

- With the right skill set you can do it for free!

Therein lies the problem - for self-publishing to be free, you need the right skill set.

What does that mean exactly?

Here's what you'll need:

- Graphic Design Skills (your cover is one of the most important pieces to selling your book)

- Professional Proofing and Editing (even professional editors have someone else review their work)

- Technical Knowledge for Formatting (just plain annoying and time consuming work)

- Copyright Knowledge (to protect yourself from lawsuits - You don't know what you don't know!)

- Marketing Skills (to promote your book without wasting thousands on useless ads)

and more!

As you can see, the self-publishing author wears many hats! Most pick and choose their support. They find and pay someone to design their cover. Then they pay someone else to edit and someone else to format and someone else to market, constantly having to explain their vision to person after person in the hunt to find the right fit. Eventually what started out free turns into dropping in excess of $10,000+. It's exhausting.

So here's where my team and I come to the rescue!

I am that rare individual who came into self-publishing my books with all those tools in my arsenal. My unique blend of past experiences in photography, writing, sales, and more made self-publishing a real, professional quality option for me. There's also a great deal I learned in the process of publishing which polished and refined my talents.


Eventually friends started paying me to proof and edit their work, consult on their projects, and I even ran workshops showing people the ropes. This led to forming great connections with marketing experts who are now my partners.

I really enjoy assisting writers through the self-publishing process! It is so satisfying to assist someone called to write so the process is easier and more successful for them. It's another way I can be of service to God.


"I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Ann! Her workshop was detailed and walked me through step by step what I needed to do. It was through this workshop and following Ann's steps that I was able to successfully publish through KDP!!"

Andrew Sternke, author of The Narrow Way: One Year Practical Discipleship Devotional

"I've worked with Ann on several projects, as an editor and consultant. I've recommended her to others as a writing coach. She is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, helpful, and capable! I highly recommend her for your next project!"

Shelley Furtado-Linton, author of Beautiful Ashes - Leader Guide

Bring us a rough draft, and we will help with the rest!

I have developed an eight week program that will equip you with everything you need. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of the process until your book is available! I will also be teaching you along the way, helping you develop your writing skills for the future. I want the edits we help you implement to enhance your unique voice as a writer, not change it to be a cookie cutter version of everyone else. God called you to write because you bring something special to the table, and that should shine!


What makes this any different than hybrid publishing?

As your book is about to become available, you will shift to working with my partner who is going to teach you how to market your book! Rob Pene is a rockstar with over a decade of experience in high-end marketing. We are going to set you up with a landing page and train you to get paying opportunities like speaking gigs. You will have all the guidance and support you need plus the chance to network with other authors in our Facebook group.

This is a one stop shop opportunity for Christian authors to be guided through the hard parts of publishing with someone who will pray with you, teach you, equip you, support your mission, and truly fight to see you succeed!

I would love to discuss self-publishing with you further

and hear what you're working on!

To learn more about pricing, structure,

and see if this program is the right fit for you...

Do you need help getting your rough draft done?

Email me at to request my FREE comprehensive checklist and video with tips to help you get through it (available soon, in development). Feel free to ask your questions! I'm happy to help you get over your writer's block, be a sounding board, and discuss what God is asking of you. Sometimes all it takes is a second opinion to catapult you in the right direction and fire up your creative energy!