Let's face it - ask the average Christian if they know what the fruits of the Spirit are, and they'll say something like, "Oh yeah, love, joy, peace... Those things. Yeah, I know them."

The truth is they may know at least the first three words on the list, but that doesn't mean they understand each trait on a deeper level. How can you bear fruit if you don't understand it?

Love, joy, peace... they shouldn't only happen by accident.

I've developed a revolutionary coaching course designed to plant the seeds of each fruit in your heart and mind, aid the Spirit in nurturing their growth and development, and set you up to produce a bountiful harvest.

















As a Master Certified Life Coach since November 2016 and a facilitator for Living Free since March 2019, I work with people on a daily basis. It is incredibly important to me to be able to offer sound guidance and assistance from outside the traditional office atmosphere. I spent a lifetime passionately studying human behavior from every angle. When I accepted Jesus Christ, I filtered that knowledge and experience through the Bible and implemented everything I learned in my own life. The Holy Spirit taught me many powerful yet simple lessons that transformed my life, and I want to share them with you! This culminated in becoming a CHRISTIAN CERTIFIED LIFE COACH so I can comprehensively assist people through one-on-one connections, groups, and workshops.


Accredited Courses Completed From

Transformation Academy:

Professional Life Coach

Group Life Coach

Life Purpose


Goal Setting to Success

Relationship Workshop Facilitator

Emotional Intelligence (in process)

Health & Nutrition (in process)

Courses Completed From

Living Free Curriculum:

Facilitator Training/ Christian Insight/ Free To Grow/ Completely Free Romans Study/ Understanding Depression

I am a founding board member for Strategies For Life, a local non-profit created to spread and partner with the Living Free programs. We bring together the Word, Spirit, and people of God to help people discover their identity in Christ, overcome life controlling problems, and enrich the Christian walk.


This course will change how you see everything happening around you and equip you with a healthier, more Christlike way to navigate challenges and conflict as the fruits of the Spirit become your nature. You'll be able to see the big picture of the world's problems AND their root causes, giving you a strategic vantage point to see things more clearly. God's healing work in you will be the foundation for success in every area of you life!


We'll equip you with great tools and answer questions like:

* What is a functional, comprehensive, Biblical definition for LOVE?

* What plan did God give us to achieve PEACE in ourselves and the world?

* Where does JOY come from, and how do I keep it?

* Why is SELF CONTROL a fruit of the spirit?

What is the true meaning of FAITH and how can I grow in it?


Starting July 13th, I will host a group mastermind Zoom meeting every Monday @7PM CST addressing one fruit each week for nine weeks (If you have to miss and need to catch the replay, they will be recorded to the Cloud). You'll be given amazing teaching and insights, then we will dive into guided group discussion.

In addition, every participant will get THREE one-on-one Zoom coaching calls with me to listen to you, pray with you, and work on implementing these principles directly into your personal life. I will also be available anytime for questions privately or in my Peace Is The Road Bible Study Facebook group where you'll gain a community of support.


Michelle J.

Ann is such a strong and wise woman of God. I'm blessed to be able to call her my friend, but she has helped me so much on my own journey with God. Ann is knowledgeable, kind, and such a great listener. She is one of a kind and such a wonderful guide and life coach. She is dedicated to her work and passionate about sharing the true raw word of God!

Tracy S.

Ann is a wonderful listener, full of love and compassion. It is rare to know such a warm and inviting person who can understand and listen without judgment and give helpful Christ centered advice.

Morgan M.

I reached out to Ann when I was looking for a mentor to help me through a transitional part of life. She truly cares about people and showed it by investing in me when I needed guidance. Ann offered me thoughtful and honest advice, because she comes from a place of genuine authenticity. Her coaching, and more importantly, her friendship has been a blessing.

This is the real deal!

I like to dig in and get real with you. This isn't just another program - healing is a life change - and that's a big deal! I want to help you truly unlock what God has in store for you so that you are not only equipped with knowledge and faith but the ability to act on it daily,

imbuing the fruits of the Spirit as part of your identity in Christ.

If you're ready to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and mature in your understanding so your life can be more abundant and blessed, this is absolutely the course for you! Similar coaching programs on the market will charge anywhere from $500/mo to $3000 for a course. However, we are in tumultuous times where it is crucial for more people to be embracing this information, and I want to make it more accessible.

I am currently offering this nine week course for only $149!

(If you found this through the Facebook ad, the $20 discount is in the package options at signup.)

As a BONUS, I will email every participant a pdf copy of both books I have in print - Redeemable and Perfect Love: A Hero's Journey. This is a $30 value completely FREE as a thank you for joining us and to help you continue your journey in faith and discipleship.


Due to scheduling demands, space is limited,

so participation will be first come first serve!

But wait, I have an extra option...

Maybe you want to participate, but you're on a budget. (I know what that's like!)

Maybe you don't really want the one-on-one coaching, but you'd love to get in on the group.

Whatever the case may be,

I've decided to offer access to ONLY the Monday night Zoom groups

for only $49, and you'll still have 24/7 support and access to the Facebook group.

Sign up now before slots fill up!

God bless you!

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